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Performax adds a solid dose of gymnema to make SlinMax a more dedicated GDA

Performax Labs 2021 Slinmax

Ahead of next week’s release, Performax Labs has shared the full formula behind the return of its well-dosed glucose disposal agent SlinMax. The reputable brand announced earlier in the week it would be bringing back the supplement on Black Friday. Also, like the many other products Performax has relaunched this year with its new branding, SlinMax has undergone some changes to its formula.

The last version we saw of SlinMax before this one was way back in 2017, which wasn’t the original, but once again, it showed Performax Labs’ quality formulating ability. For 2021, the brand aims to make SlinMax a more dedicated nutrient partitioner, removing a couple of its previous ingredients, adding a new feature, and increasing the dosages of several of the carried-over compounds.

Performax Labs 2021 Slinmax Label

You can see the facts panel of Performax Labs’ SlinMax in the image above, with the important changes being no more agmatine, and in its place, the brand has added a solid one-gram dose of gymnema. Performax has also increased several of the ingredients from the product’s predecessor with 25% more berberine and cinnamon bark extract in a full serving and 50% more banaba leaf.

Performax Labs’ tweaks to its glucose disposal agent SlinMax are pretty consistent with what we’ve seen it do to all of the other supplements it’s recently relaunched. As mentioned, the rebranded and improved SlinMax will be out and available next week for Black Friday through the Performax website, alongside an undoubtedly strong sale, as it is debuting during the biggest sales event of the year.