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Performix introduces a self-dosing system in its SST evolution SST Thermo

Performix Sst Thermo

SST Thermo is the latest evolution of Performix’s signature supplement, aiming to deliver that familiar SST experience but with an intriguing self-dosing system and in powder format. The product is formulated to increase and enhance energy, mental focus, metabolism, and thermogenesis; again, all benefits fans of the brand and SST will already be familiar with.

Complete formula

The formula powering Performix’s all-new SST Thermo is really a combination of reliable pre-workout and weight loss-style ingredients to drive home its comprehensive blend of benefits. Packed into the supplement’s full serving is 3g of citrulline malate to push pumps, 1.5g of betaine, and 2g of CarnoSyn beta-alanine to support performance and endurance.

Performix Sst Thermo Label

To increase energy, Performix has combined caffeine, TeaCrine, and Dynamine for SST Thermo, with the caffeine at a solid 325mg, TeaCrine at 51mg, and Dynamine at 75mg. Rounding out the label of the hybrid product of sorts is 99mcg of huperzine a, just under 1mg of cayenne extract to support weight loss, and 5.1mg of BioPerine to improve absorption.

Self-dosing system

As for the all-new self-dosing system introduced in SST Thermo, it is basically a way to serve the Performix supplement to your liking. To get that full experience, with those moderate dosages mentioned, you need to throw down three scoops. If you would like something lighter, you can simply scale that down to two scoops or even further to just a single scoop.

Launch details

Performix compares its self-dosing system in SST Thermo to past versions of SST, saying one scoop is like the original, two like SST V2X, and the full three is more along the lines of SST V3X. The brand is launching SST Thermo tomorrow through its own website and GNC in January, with two flavors in Snow Cone and Lemon Iced Tea, both packing 30 maximum servings.