ProBrands creates an advent calendar packed full of its BCAA-infused energy drink

Nov 23rd, 2021
Probrands Energy Drink Calendar

In the past month, we’ve seen many different advent calendars from sports nutrition and functional food brands packed full of supplement samples, protein snacks, and functional items. It’s always fun seeing what companies come up with and how they creatively squeeze 24 different products into a Christmassy calendar, although none as interesting as what we have to share today.

The Swedish beverage company ProBrands has put together an advent calendar, although it’s not filled with snacks and treats. The brand has created something we’ve never seen before, and that is an energy drink calendar. It features the traditional 24 windows, and behind each of them is a different flavor of ProBrands’ BCAA-infused energy drink, including the fitting Winter Candy.

You can get a glimpse at ProBrands’ special edition energy drink advent calendar in the image above, although from what we can tell, you can’t actually purchase the product. The brand is only offering it as a prize in a giveaway on Instagram with two calendars up for grabs and entries closing this Thursday, so make sure you head over to the platform and get in the draw.

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