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ProSupps unveils its high-powered return to the energy drink category

Prosupps Hyde Energy

A few years ago, ProSupps entered the energy drink market with Hyde Power Potion, packing a high 350mg of caffeine for energy and zero calories. There were other key ingredients in the product to further round out the energizing experience, such as TeaCrine and CoQ10, and it had a great selection of flavors, including one put together with DJ Khaled.

With 2021 coming to a close, ProSupps is looking to finish the year with a bang and has previewed its very exciting return to the energy drink category. Hyde Energy is an all-new energy-boosting beverage from ProSupps featuring an absolutely eye-catching piece of artwork covering the front of its can.

ProSupps is looking to launch its Hyde Energy drink soon, and like the original Hyde Power Potion, it features a variety of ingredients and they’re all transparently dosed. The formula is led by a strong 300mg of caffeine from three sources, plus half a gram of citrulline, 150mg of alpha-GPC for focus, 250mg of carnitine, theanine, n-acetyl-l-tyrosine, and Himalayan rock salt.

ProSupps will be launching its exciting new Hyde Energy drink in four flavors in four flavors to start, including Atomic Orange and Gamma Ray Grape. Since Hyde Power Potion, the energy drink category has become immensely more competitive, so we look forward to the well-known supplement company getting back into the game and seeing how it compares.