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Raw gets in on the turkesterone trend with a competitively priced tablet product

Raw Nutrition Turkesterone

One of the trending ingredients in the sports nutrition industry at the moment, at least in the category of muscle building, is turkesterone. We’ve seen many different brands of all shapes and sizes come out with supplements either only featuring the ingredient or combining it with some other compounds to support and enhance muscle strength and size.

Raw Nutrition has just thrown its hat in the ring with the simply named product Raw Turkesterone, and it is a standalone formula with the title ingredient being all that’s in there. The brand has packed a solid dose into the supplement at half a gram of ajuga turkestanica in each of its tablets standardized to 10% turkesterone with a total of 60 tablets per bottle.

Raw Nutrition’s Turkesterone will supply you for an entire month if you throw down one tablet a day or two months if you stick to the single tablet. The product is reasonably priced at $49.99, although using any of the brand’s athlete and ambassador coupon codes like Chris Bumstead’s “CBUM” or Nick Walker’s “MUTANT” brings that down to a slightly nicer $40.