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Upcoming Rule One supplement said to be something fans have been waiting for

Rule One Proteins Mysterious Supplement

Rule One Proteins has shared a mysterious teaser image today alongside the words “the one you’ve been waiting for” and “Something big is coming.” It is for an upcoming supplement from the long-running company, which you can get a vague glimpse of in the picture above with a fairly typical powder tub, although without any specific details.

The only other piece of information we have is that Rule One Proteins has been able to confirm the product is for a category it is already in and intends to be an upgrade on its current competitor in that space. With so few details to go off, the best way to guess what’s coming is to gauge how often the brand teases things like this and says words like that.

It is very rare Rule One Proteins teases and hypes a supplement, and it’s even more uncommon for it to make bold statements like “the one you’ve been waiting for”. Based on that, we’re guessing the mystery product is for a popular category such as pre-workout, protein, or weight loss, although based on the shape in the teaser, we think it’s a pre-workout.

Rule One Proteins could, of course, be hyping something completely different; however, a pre-workout certainly fits the bill. It has been a while since we’ve seen a comprehensive competitor from the brand for the category as well, and the good news is, more clues and updates are right around the corner, so be sure to stay tuned.

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