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USN introduces its dedicated gaming supplement with Combat Games

Usn Combat Games

South Africa’s premier brand USN has entered the gaming market with a completely dedicated supplement. We have seen the brand put together products that touch on gaming, although nothing to the extent of its latest effort. Combat Games is USN’s gaming supplement, and like most competitors in that growing category, it is all about increasing and enhancing energy and focus.

USN’s Combat Games features a variety of ingredients at moderate dosages to deliver that game elevating experience, all wrapped in a Green Wave flavored powder. Some of the brand’s key highlights include a gram each of taurine and tyrosine, 250mg of citicoline, 30mg of phosphatidylserine, a reasonable 100mg of caffeine, and lutein and zeaxanthin for vision and eye health.

Usn Combat Games Label

Combat Games is a bit of a new age gaming product, as it does offer a fair amount more than just energy and focus ingredients, also including support for hydration, cognition, and eye health. Those are benefits we’ve seen more and more brands slowly incorporate into their gamer-marketed supplements, and not something we got all that often a few years ago when the category was growing.

USN also appears to have taken a page out of G Fuel’s book and put together Combat Games in a box set similar to G Fuel’s Collector’s Box. The bundle comes with a full-size 20 serving tub of the product and a short shaker, again, the same as what you get in a limited G Fuel Collector’s Box, with Combat Games available now through USN’s South African website at R499 (32.72 USD).