Alpha Lion gives its last limited editions for 2021 a touch of Christmas

Dec 8th, 2021
Alpha Lion Christmas Pre Workout Of The Month

Alpha Lion’s limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month is back for another round after starting all the way back in the first week of April, with December’s releases being the ninth entry in the series. The Pre-Workout Of The Month is where Alpha Lion launches two all-new and limited-time tastes, each for a separate pre-workout, the latest of which are now live.

To go with the season of giving and with Christmas just over two weeks away, Alpha Lion has given this pair of special edition flavors a festive touch. There is the mean green limeade recipe Grinch Juice for the brand’s intense pre-workout Superhuman Extreme and a red gummy bear flavor named Griswold Gains for the more mainstream Superhuman Pre.

Both of those limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month products are available for purchase from Alpha Lion’s online store with Grinch Juice Superhuman Extreme at $49.99 and Griswold Gains Superhuman Pre slightly less at $47.99. They are only around for another two days unless they sell out sooner, something that happens a fair bit with the brand.