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Alpha Lion’s first limited launch for 2022 involves a spin-off of Superhuman Burn

Alpha Lion Superhuman Burn Stim Free

Alpha Lion has been incredibly consistent with its monthly limited edition Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, releasing two creative flavors, each for a separate pre-workout, every month. Something like this is not that easy to pull off, especially as consistently as the brand has done, which is why you rarely see supplement companies doing or even attempting it.

To get fans and followers ready for the New Year, Alpha Lion has announced the flavors that’ll make up its first Pre-Workout Of The Month Series in the New Year. Launching this coming Monday is a Berry Bubbly Superhuman Burn Stim-Free, which is a strawberry mimosa flavor, and the peach banana pineapple concoction The Ball Dropper, for Superhuman Burn.

That Superhuman Burn Stim-Free is actually an entirely new product, meaning its inclusion in the Pre-Workout Of The Month Series will be the first time you can purchase it. Once again, both of those limited edition flavors are going to be available starting Monday the 3rd of January at precisely 3PM Pacific Time, and only through the brand’s online store.