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Rebrand of Atron’s Mind Blast bringing with it a new Green Apple flavor

Atron Mind Green Apple Blast

The still relatively new Swedish supplement company Atron has revealed a fresh new look for its pre-workout product Mental Blast, built for all of your usual benefits and effects. It packs 4g of citrulline malate for pumps, 600mg of alpha GPC and half a gram of tyrosine for mental focus, and of course, the classic stimulant caffeine, although at a moderate 200mg a serving.

You can see Atron’s rebranded Mind Blast in the image above, which is a little simpler than its previous look, dropping the repeated name in the background and featuring a solid block of color like the brand’s amino. To go with the new look, Atron is adding another option to its current menu of Blue Raspberry and Lemonade with another traditional type taste in Green Apple.

The rebrand and third flavor of Mind BLast has yet to be added to Atron’s official online store at but is said to be going live there sometime soon.

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