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Aware infuses Grötmix with extra protein for a limited Christmas edition product

Aware Nutrition Grotmix

Aware Nutrition is celebrating Christmas differently this year, doing a more than bringing back the product it had available for the season of giving in 2020 with a Gingerbread Aware Whey. For 2021, the Sweden-based brand has put together an entirely new supplement named Grötmix with Extra Protein, with Grötmix being Swedish for porridge mix.

Aware Nutrition’s Grötmix is exactly what it’s named, in a porridge or oatmeal product that is infused with extra protein, packing more than your typical oatmeal recipe. The brand promises a nutritious balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in Grötmix, and seeing as it’s Christmas-themed, it’s no surprise it comes in a Christmas flavor with Gingerbread.

Grötmix with Extra Protein is going live in Aware Nutrition’s online store at midnight tonight local time. The functional supplement is a limited edition launch for Christmas, so there is a good chance that once the first lot is sold out, you may not see it again until this time next year.