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Bang Master Blaster rebranded to match the new look of Bang Energy

Bang Master Blaster Rebrand

VPX Sports recently rebranded its hugely popular Bang Energy drink, keeping its “B” logo front and center, although switching all of the colors around and adding an eye-catching splash swirl in the background. It seems not all of the product’s flavors have been updated yet, although many of them have, and all of the more recent flavors launched in the fun and colorful new look.

While Bang Energy is the star of VPX Sports’ catalog, it also has several sports nutrition supplements, including the fully-dosed stimulant pre-workout, Bang Master Blaster. The brand has also now decided to rebrand that product, giving it a look similar to the revamped Bang Energy drink. It features a whiter and seemingly more spacious layout with that color splash swirl in the background.

You can see the updated design of VPX Sports’ Bang Master Blaster in the image above, although, on the brand’s website, the pre-workout still has its previous look. By the sounds of things, the brand is rolling out the supplement in its refreshed branding soon, and it looks as though it’s bringing a new flavor as well, as in the preview, Master Blaster is pictured in Wyldin’ Watermelon.