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Black Magic’s fat burner is getting an advanced topical gel spin-off

Black Magic Magic Eraser Gel

Magic Eraser is Black Magic’s well-put-together weight loss supplement built for energy, focus, and thermogenesis, with ingredients like caffeine, tyrosine, Kanna, GBB, and the intense isopropylnorsynephrine. The reputable brand has revealed it is coming out with a spin-off of Magic Eraser with Magic Eraser Advanced Definition Gel to help fans burn fat in a slightly different way.

Black Magic’s upcoming Magic Eraser Advanced Definition Gel is a gel that you put on your body before a workout or cardio session to heat and help burn fat in the areas it’s applied, such as your legs and abdomen. Like the brand’s many other supplements, Magic Eraser Topical Gel promises to feature a reliable and effective formula, and it’ll be well-priced next to its topical competitors.

Black Magic doesn’t tend to tease or reveal products unless they’re close to launch, so we have to imagine Magic Eraser Advanced Definition Gel will be available for purchase very soon.