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BlenderBottle creates a series of Avengers designs for its premium Koda jug

Blenderbottle Avengers Jugs

Koda is BlenderBottle’s massive half-gallon jug that gives you the volume and capacity you rely on a jug for but with the features of a premium BlenderBottle product. It comes with a convenient and sturdy handle, a trusting leak-proof lid, a wide opening to make it easier to throw in scoops of aminos or any other supplement, and it uses BPA and phthalate-free materials.

BlenderBottle has just expanded Koda with its first set of designs outside of straightforward single colors. The brand has created a collection of authentic Marvel superhero jugs based on the four core members of the Avengers. There are now Koda jugs featuring the logos of Captain America, Hulk, and Thor, and an Iron Man option with his mask alongside Tony Stark’s signature.

You can grab any or all of BlenderBottle’s Marvel series Koda jugs from its online store, where they’re a bit more expensive than the regular Black, Blue, White, and Plum at $19.99 each compared to the basic single colors at $15.99.

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