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Walmart exclusive Blue and Yellow Limoncello Bang begins showing up in stores

Blue And Yellow Limoncello Bang Energy Drink

Bang Energy recently released a refreshing new flavor of its signature Bang Energy drink exclusive to the Vitamin Shoppe with Nectarine Blueberry. Another entirely new and exclusive flavor of the hugely popular beverage has just shown up in stores this past week, although this time around, the product has been put together for the major retailer Walmart.

A couple of Walmart stores in Wisconsin have posted on Facebook as now stocking and selling the Bang Energy drink in the unique and intriguing flavor. The latest from Bang Energy is inspired by the traditional Italian lemon liqueur Limoncello, with Blue and Yellow Limoncello wrapped in a can that does, of course, combine those two title colors, blue and yellow.

Both of the Walmart locations promoting the new Blue and Yellow Limoncello Bang Energy drink are saying it’s exclusive to the retail giant, although it does not appear to be available yet at With those two stores being some of the first to stock the new flavor this week, we have to imagine others will be getting the product soon, if not already.

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