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Chemix reformulates EAA into EAA+ now featuring VitaCherry tart cherry

Chemix Eaa Plus Details

The Guerrilla Chemist announced a few months back that he would be updating his Chemix amino supplement, reformulating, renaming, and relaunching it as EAA+ instead of EAA. That product has arrived today, and there are a few notable tweaks, although it still keeps the core goal of providing a solid source of aminos to support muscle recovery and repair.

Firstly, Chemix EAA+ has slightly lowered the total amount of EAAs you get per serving versus its predecessor, going from 10.6g per serving down to 8.75g. That difference is offset, however, as you get 30 servings per tub in the newest version whereas the original EAA had 25, and if you scale up to get 25 servings from a tub of EAA+, you end up with that solid dose of EAAs at 10.5g.

The other change Chemix EAA+ has undergone is in place of EAA’s blend of mushroom extracts, the Guerrilla Chemist has thrown in another reliable amount of VitaCherry tart cherry at half a gram per serving. The reason behind the move is to deliver the studied benefits of tart cherry, including reduced delayed onset muscle soreness and time to muscle restoration function.

The Guerrilla Chemist has essentially reformulated EAA into Chemix EAA+ for better support for muscle recovery and repair, and you can purchase it starting today from the brand’s online store. The supplement is also slightly cheaper than the original when it first arrived, coming in at $39.99 for that tub of 30 servings in two flavors, Lemon Lime and Pineapple.