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Efectiv drops the EAAs to make its upcoming Intra Fuel more of an intra-workout

Efectiv Nutrition Intra Fuel

Intra Fuel is Efectiv Nutrition’s intra-workout supplement, which is getting a makeover for the New Year, where the UK-based brand is changing the product’s look and formula. The previous version was relatively straightforward, combining a handful of well-dosed aminos and a much heftier dose of carbohydrates, packing 30g of carbs in a 40g serving.

Efectiv Nutrition’s 2022 edition of Intra Fuel is similar to its predecessor, featuring a good amount of carbohydrates at 24g in each of its 30 servings. The brand changes things up quite a bit on the amino side of the supplement, as it no longer features BCAAs; instead, you get a handful of ingredients to support and improve performance and endurance, including 2g of taurine, Himalayan pink salt, and Cocomineral.

The upcoming Intra Fuel revamp is essentially going to turn the Efectiv Nutrition product into more of an intra-workout with ingredients to drive you through your workout as opposed to the usual BCAAs and EAAs. Once again, the brand has not launched its updated Intra Fuel yet but will be soon, sometime in the New Year, available first at