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Enhanced adds a premium fish oil formula to its health and wellness collection

Enhanced Labs Omega 3

Enhanced Labs recently rebranded its line of health and wellness-style supplements now featuring Big Ramy’s silhouette and signature, including several non-workout-focused products. There is Joint Blast+, obviously to comprehensively support joint health, the probiotic, enzyme, and immunity formula Health 3 In 1, and today the brand has added another item to that collection with Triple Strength Omega 3.

Triple Strength Omega 3 is exactly what it’s called, a high-quality, high-concentration fish oil supplement, packing 100 softgels per bottle, and every softgel provides 1.25g of omega-3, broken down to 500mg of EPA and 200mg of DHA. To celebrate the launch of the fairly straightforward health product, the brand has debuted it with a discount where you can grab it for $19.99, down from $23.99.

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