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Granite puts five different sources into its smooth plant-based protein

Granite Organic Plant Protein Powder

John Meadows’ reputable supplement company Granite has released its second-ever protein powder this week to go alongside its multi-source formula made of whey, casein, beef, and egg. Granite’s newest product is for the growing sub-category of plant-based protein powder with its obviously titled, Organic Plant Protein, also made with a variety of protein sources.

Granite’s Organic Plant Protein provides a solid 21g of protein per serving, coming from a blend of organic coconut milk, pea, pumpkin seed, brown rice, and chia seed protein. The combination of ingredients promises an experience free of any grittiness or chalkiness, something that is fairly common in vegan-friendly protein powders, or at least the unenjoyable ones.

The other macros making up a serving of Granite’s Organic Plant Protein are 4g of fat, a surprisingly high 13g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar and 5g fiber, and 170 calories. Carbohydrates do tend to be a little higher in plant-powered protein powders, and while 13g is up there, as mentioned, a chunk of that is fiber due to its added blue agave inulin.

Granite has previewed Organic Plant Protein in two flavors or technically one with Chocolate and Unflavored, however at the moment, only the latter is available from its website. Directly from the brand, you’ll pay $49.99 for a full-size bag of the vegan-friendly protein powder with a total of 20 servings in each of those bags.