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Jacked Factory drops a 5lb tub of Authentic ISO although the 2lb is better value

Jacked Factory 5lb Authentic Iso

Larger 4lb and 5lb tubs of protein powder are not as common these days as they used to be, with most supplement companies opting for a 2lber or somewhere in that area. That was the case with all of Jacked Factory’s many different protein-based products in Authentic Whey, the more premium Authentic ISO, Authentic MRP, Authentic Casein, and the Unfinished Series ISO Protein.

This week Jacked Factory has introduced a larger tub of its premium, lean, and fast-absorbing whey isolate-based Authentic ISO. The product is indeed that heftier 5lb size we used to see a lot more of, packing a total of 75 servings versus the 2lb’s 30. You still get all of Authentic Whey’s lean macros, including a solid 25g of protein, under a gram of fat, a gram of carbohydrates, and 110 calories.

Unfortunately, despite that two and a half times more servings, Jacked Factory’s new 5lb size is not as cost-effective as its original 2lb. Directly from the brand’s online store, the larger Authentic ISO will cost you $89.99, whereas the 2lb costs $34.99. When scaled up to match the value of the 5lb, that 30 serving tub of protein powder works out to $87.47, making it marginally cheaper.

Jacked Factory’s 5lb size of Authentic ISO does only come in one flavor at the moment with Vanilla, compared to the 2lb Authentic ISO, which has Vanilla and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Basically, unless the price of the supplement’s larger offering or the 2lber changes at some point, the latter is the better way to go, and you get more flavors to choose from at two instead of one.