Jacked Factory competitively prices its TUDCA supplement at just $24 a bottle

Dec 27th, 2021
Jacked Factory Tudca

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, better known as TUDCA, is a reliable and effective ingredient most commonly used for its ability to support healthy liver and cardiovascular function. Most of the time, TUDCA is found by itself in a standalone supplement, although on occasions, brands create more complex formulas combining it with other compounds to further support those benefits mentioned.

This month, Jacked Factory has come out with its own TUDCA product under its straightforward Essential Series, made up of several simple, single-ingredient supplements like its new TUDCA. The product features the liver and cardiovascular-supporting ingredient at a dose of 250mg in each of its 60 capsules per bottle, so it’ll supply you for one month when taking two a day for a combined 500mg.

While Jacked Factory’s TUDCA is fairly straightforward, it isn’t without a surprise, and that comes in its price tag. Out of all of the standalone TUDCA supplements we’ve come across, this is the most cost-effective at $29.95 a bottle. That gets even better when you throw in one of the brand’s athlete coupons, such as Steven Cao’s “STEVEN”, for 20% off, dropping the product even lower to $24.

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