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‘Merica promises its hardest-hitting experience in the new F-Bomb Red, White and Boom

Merica Labz F Bomb Red White Boom

Red, White and Boom was one of the first-ever supplements from the patriotic brand ‘Merica Labz, which is from the same minds and people behind Core Nutritionals. Red, White and Boom is a stimulant-powered pre-workout that has seen several spin-offs and versions over the years, including three alternative experiences in Napalm, A-Bomb, and H-Bomb Editions.

‘Merica Labz has revealed another spin-off of its signature pre-workout is in the works, and by the sounds of things, this will be one you don’t want to miss. The promising upcoming product is Red, White and Boom F-Bomb Edition, with the primary goal of this version of the pre-workout being to give you a true F-Bomb experience that’s all about intense energy and focus.

Red, White and Boom F-Bomb Edition is essentially the version of ‘Merica Labz’ long-running pre-workout built for stimulant junkies and people that enjoy an intense experience. The brand specifically says it’s not your full scoop style supplement, leading us to think it will be entirely about stimulants and not have ingredients for a more balanced experience like other Red, White and Booms.

‘Merica Labz is going as far as saying this will be its hardest-hitting pre-workout to date, and if you’re a longtime fan of the brand and remember its original DMHA-powered Red, White and Boom, you’ll know that means something. We’re excited to see how the F-Bomb Edition turns out and, of course, try ourselves and find out firsthand how intense and hard-hitting we’re talking.