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Tasty new Peachy Keen flavor coming to Monster Ultra in the New Year

Monster Ultra Peachy Keen

The great-tasting and nutritionally friendly Monster Ultra energy drink with zero sugar and a reliable 150mg of energizing caffeine, has one of the best selection of flavors in the highly competitive category. There is the sweet and pineapple-themed Monster Ultra Gold, the incredibly on-point Monster Ultra Fiesta, and, of course, the original white Zero Ultra.

In the New Year, Monster is releasing another flavor for its popular Monster Ultra energy drink, and like a few of its other options, it describes its taste in its name. Monster Ultra Peachy Keen is the next new addition to the popular and low-calorie beverage, which will have that same 150mg of caffeine, zero sugar, and presumably, an enjoyable peach flavor.

Once again, the upcoming and undoubtedly delicious Monster Ultra Peachy Keen is expected to be available sometime in the New Year in all of its usual stores and stockists, including the likes of Walmart.