Myprotein makes use of the patented LeanBiome blend in its latest protein

Myprotein Impact Diet Lean

If you know Myprotein at all, you’ll know it already has plenty of protein powders on the market, anything from whey-powered formulas and plant-based competitors to balanced meal replacements and high-calorie gainers. The international brand has found room to squeeze yet another protein supplement into its catalog, introducing Impact Diet Lean.

Myprotein’s all-new Impact Diet Lean is available now through its primary online store at, where it’ll cost you £13.99 (18.83 USD) for a small 250g bag and £36.99 (49.78 USD) for a much larger 1kg bag. The brand’s angle with this product is it’s a lean and comprehensive meal replacement infused with a few extra complementing features.

Each serving of Impact Diet Lean has 17g of protein from whey concentrate, less than a gram of carbohydrates, 1.1g of fat, and a lean 87 calories. The supplement also has a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals added to support general health and wellness, and the premium patented fiber and mineral blend LeanBiome, which is said to help increase lean muscle mass and body composition.

Myprotein has launched its meal replacement Impact Diet Lean, as mentioned, in 250g and 1kg bags, and it comes in a few flavor options, including Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, and Unflavored.