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Menace’s first limited flavor is back and only available from Prometeus

Naughty Boy Gotti Grape Menace

Fans of the UK brand Naughty Boy may remember about a year ago, it released a new flavor of its original stimulant pre-workout Menace named Pink Lemo. It was the brand’s version of the classic pink lemonade, and not only was it a limited edition launch, but it was exclusively available through Naughty Boy’s premier European distributor Prometeus.

Just over a year on from the release of Pink Lemo Menace, Naughty Boy has put together another flavor of the pre-workout that is once again exclusive to Prometeus. This flavor is actually not entirely new like Pink Lemo was at the time; it is Gotti Grape, a product the brand had available for a limited time way back when it debuted in December of 2019,

Naughty Boy’s returning Gotti Grape Menace is due to be available with Prometeus soon, if not already, and should be showing up in all of the brand’s usual retailers throughout Europe in the coming weeks.