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Nutrabio potentially preparing to launch another brand for a different audience

Nutrabio New Brand

Reputable and long-running supplement company Nutrabio, known as the first big brand to do fully transparent facts panels, added to its catalog in a very different way this past year. While it dropped a few all-new products, it also introduced a new brand with the premium Unbound family of supplements, which is treated entirely separately, making no connection to Nutrabio, just that the same overall company sells it.

A few others out there do the same, and now it looks like the brand is going to be expanding once again in somewhat of the same way. Nutrabio has revealed it is planning to release another brand in roughly 30 days, although it’s not technically completely new like Unbound. Nutrabio is said to be reformulating all of the products in the upcoming brand, suggesting it’s potentially already established and has been acquired.

While we clearly don’t have a lot of information about Nutrabio’s latest venture, one other little detail that’s been shared is that it’ll be hitting a different market and audience to Nutrabio and Unbound. That points us in several directions, with the mystery brand and reformulated line of supplements potentially being for the growing gaming category, the world of beauty products, or even a more lifestyle type brand and approach.

The most exciting part of the story is Nutrabio is, as mentioned, planning to debut what sounds to be a revamped brand within the next month or two, so we should have more to reveal soon.

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