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Nutrition Cartel gets its own exclusive flavor of Apollon’s high-powered Assassin

Nutri Cartel Cherry Cola Starfighter Assassin

If you’re a fan of Apollon Nutrition and like to try everything the hardcore supplement company puts out, which is a lot, it has a new flavor available starting today, although you won’t find it everywhere. The flavor is for the brand’s high-powered and extremely intense pre-workout Assassin and what makes it so unique is that it is exclusive to a specific Apollon Nutrition retailer.

The supplement store Nutrition Cartel is the only place you can purchase the newest flavor of Apollon Nutrition’s Assassin pre-workout, and to reinforce that, the product has the retailer’s logo on it. The flavor itself is also something relatively different with Cherry Cola Starfighter, still featuring all of the same strong ingredients and dosages fans have come to expect from Assassin.

Nutrition Cartel does have an online store located at, where you can purchase the new and exclusive Cherry Cola Starfighter Assassin at $59.95. That is for a tub of 20 full servings, and you can bring that bring down a bit using the supplement store’s ongoing coupon “INSTA” for 10% discount, which drops the high-stimulant Assassin to a slightly nicer $53.95.