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Performix looks to support healthy hair, skin and nails in Ab Cuts CLA + Collagen

Performix Abcuts With Collagen

Moving forward, any of the releases from the specialist weight loss brand Ab Cuts will come under the sports nutrition brand Performix, which is owned by the same parent company. That is all starting with the launch of the all-new Performix Ab Cuts CLA + Collagen, featuring the logos of both brands, and it is primarily powered by those two key ingredients mentioned in its name.

The formula behind Performix’s Ab Cuts CLA + Collagen is relatively straightforward, with 2.8g of the CLA source safflower oil per serving and 60mg of vitamin E. As per its name, collagen is also a part of the supplement; in fact, it’s the only other ingredient in there, with a 1.86g multi-collagen blend of bovine, porcine, and fish sourced collagen to support healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Ab Cuts CLA + Collagen is due to be available through Performix’s online store at sometime this week with a total of 100 softgels a bottle, which works out to 50 servings. The cost of the health and wellness supplement has not been shared, although due to its simplicity and the competitive pricing of the brand’s website, we imagine it’ll be quite reasonable.