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PEScience adds Move!PLX to TruRecover to support joint health and muscle recovery

Pescience Trurecover

PEScience brought to market a recovery supplement back in early 2018, almost four years ago, with TruRecover featuring a solid half a gram dose of VitaCherry tart cherry to reduce DOMS and inflammation. The brand also threw in a respectable amount of HICA at 1.5g per serving, with the two ingredients combining to support and enhance muscle recovery.

TruRecover is now available once again from PEScience with a slightly different label design and a refreshed formula. You can see how the renewed supplement looks in the image above, still featuring a reliable dose of VitaCherry tart cherry at 480mg. The brand has removed the original HICA and replaced it with another premium branded ingredient.

The other half of PEScience’s TruRecover is made up of 480mg of Move!PLX lemon verbena extract to support joint health and joint protection, turning the supplement into more of a hybrid. It’s now essentially a recovery product for your muscles and joints, and it’s an interesting evolution while staying true to the first version of TruRecover.

PEScience’s revamped TruRecover is available now through its online store for slightly more than the original at $24.99 versus $19.99 for a full-size 30 serving bottle. The brand doesn’t appear to be running a sale or anything at the moment, although you can use our ongoing Stack3d Insider coupon code to bring that price of $24.99 down by 15% to $21.25.

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