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Ukrainian brand Power Pro drops two soft and sweet low-sugar Soufflé bars

Power Pro Choco Souffle

Power Pro is a diverse health and nutrition company that makes protein snacks and treats, various functional foods, and traditional sports nutrition supplements like protein powder. With the end of the year right around the corner, the growing brand has taken the opportunity to announce two all-new on-the-go items, the first of which is the delicious-sounding bar, Chocolate Soufflé.

Power Pro describes its Chocolate Soufflé as a rich, light, smooth, tasty, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth treat featuring a simple build of a thick chocolate main layer surrounded by on point, realistic chocolate. There is a second flavor, similarly named Milk Soufflé, and it has the same sort of features as Chocolate Soufflé, with the key difference being that it has a milky main body instead of chocolate.

It is worth noting, Power Pro’s Chocolate and Milk Soufflés are not high protein snacks; instead, they’re designed to be healthier alternatives to the likes of a candy bar, but with next to no sugar. The macros are the same across both of the flavors, with only 350mg of sugar, 19.9g of carbohydrates, 5.76g of fat, and as mentioned, not a lot of protein with 1.56, and a suitably low 138 calories.

Power Pro is a Ukrainian sports nutrition company, so while it’s new Chocolate and Milk Soufflés snacks, you won’t be seeing it on any shelves here in the US. However, you can find the products out in Europe, including the brand’s own online store, where the soft, sweet, and impressively low sugar Soufflé treats are available at a reasonable ₴30 (1.10 USD) each.

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