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Protein World follows its spree of Gingerbread flavors with Chocolate Coconut

Protein World Chocolate Coconut Slender Mug Cake Mix

Following all of the fun and excitement of Christmas, the functional brand Protein World from the UK has dropped a tasty new flavor for one of its ever-expanding supplements. During the holiday season, the brand definitely didn’t keep quiet, dropping a festive and fitting Gingerbread flavor for several products, including Slender Blend, Slender Cookie Mix, and Slender Mug Cake Mix.

The high-protein cake baking mix is the product Protein World has added another taste to this week, and with Christmas come and gone, it’s not themed around the holidays. The brand has released its Slender Mug Cake Mix in an intriguing Chocolate Coconut creation, featuring its usual high protein, low sugar, and moderate calories, and it’s available now at £12.99 (17.46 USD) a bag.