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Quamtrax adds new flavors to its cream of rice product including Dulce de leche

Quamtrax Nutrition Rice Flour Flavors

One of the bigger trends we’ve seen this year, or at least a type of supplement several companies have come out with, is a cream of rice product. All of the brands that have gone down that path and put together a cream of rice-based supplement are from the UK and Europe, and the brands are all shapes and sizes, from small newcomers to large legacy companies.

Spanish supplement company Quamtrax Nutrition is one of the many brands in that cream of rice category with a product named Instant Rice Flour. It is as simple and straightforward as its mountain of competitors, and this month, Quamtrax has added another two flavors to the supplement’s menu, which already had several to choose from, including Cheesecake and Custard.

Quamtrax Nutrition’s newest additions to its Instant Rice Flour menu are both creative and far from your typical chocolate and vanilla with Chocolate Hazelnut and Dulce de leche. The two dessert-themed efforts are out and available now in the brand’s home country of Spain, with all of the same nutrition you get from Quamtrax’s straightforward rice flour powder product.