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Ugly resurrects Candy Cane for its last limited edition flavor for 2021

Ugly Candy Cane Sparkling Water Returns

It is that time again where the clean and natural beverage brand Ugly creates and comes out with an all-new limited flavor of its signature zero sugar and no-calorie Sparkling Water. This is something the popular brand has been doing every month for well over a year now, seeing many unique and intriguing flavors along the way, including the likes of Dr. Ugly, Birthday Cake, and Butterscotch.

For the month of December, the limited time taste Ugly has decided to close out 2021 with, is actually the same as the one it released around this time one year ago. Available once again from the beverage brand for its signature zero-calorie Sparkling Water is Candy Cane. It features that classic peppermint taste but in the form of flavored sparkling water without any carbohydrates or calories.

Fans of the brand can grab the returning Candy Cane Sparkling Water while stocks last from Ugly’s online store at its slightly higher monthly, limited-edition flavor price of $30 for a case of 12 cans, instead of $24.99.

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