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Bulk 120g tub of unflavored NAC joins Switch Nutrition’s Essentials Series

Switch Nutrition Nac

Australia’s well-put-together and reputable supplement company Switch Nutrition has expanded its basic Essentials Series to close out the year with a popular health and wellness ingredient. The latest from the brand is a premium and straightforward unflavored powder product exclusively featuring the compound in its official title, which is Switch Nutrition NAC.

The newest addition to the brand’s Essential Series includes its key ingredient NAC, or n-acetyl l-cysteine, at a solid dose of 800mg in each of its 150 servings per bottle. Switch Nutrition does recommend only throwing down a single serving a day, so following that, it’ll last you five months, although it also lets you adjust the daily serving with plenty of room.

The price of a bottle of Switch Nutrition’s Essential Series NAC, through its online store, is more than any of the other entries in the line, which are all the same at $39.95 each. NAC sits precisely $10 more than that at $49.95 (36.15 USD), and it’s in stock now on the brand’s website, where Switch does offer worldwide shipping, including free on orders over $150.