Owner TJ Humphreys is parting ways with ProSupps to start a whole new chapter

TJ Humphreys is parting ways with ProSupps

TJ Humphreys is the legendary owner and CEO of the extremely successful, widely available, and legacy supplement company ProSupps. The brand is known for many different products over the years, including its hit protein bar, the MyBar, the family of DNP fat burners, and of course, the pre-workouts Hyde and Jekyll, and all of the spin-offs that have come from them.

TJ Humphreys has been there throughout all of the major growth at ProSupps, although the big news today is he is parting ways with his longtime supplement company. He has not mentioned exactly what he is doing next, although Humphreys has shared the words “Time to write a new story‚Ķ” leading us to believe he is heading to start or join another brand.

The “new story” part is what has us thinking TJ Humphreys is staying within the supplement industry and looking to build another brand to the heights of ProSupps. More importantly, Humphreys is announcing his next move this weekend, which once again has us thinking it’ll be something significant; otherwise, he probably wouldn’t be building up this kind of excitement.

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