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Unbound takes home our Newcomer Of The Year Award for 2021

Unbound Newcomer Of The Year

Our annual Newcomer Of The Year Award goes to a supplement company that launched within the past year and left an impression on the industry with well-put-together and effective formulas. This year we had just a handful of nominees, and they were all deserving of the nod, although there can only be one winner, and that is the premium brand Unbound.

Unbound made an impressive amount of noise when it hit the scene around the middle of the year purely due to how advanced and detailed the formulas are behind each of its products. Right out of the gate, the brand had six supplements available; all packed full of ingredients to not only get the job done but be competitive in their respective categories.

The complete collection of Unbound products consists of the three flavored formulas, the intense stimulant pre-workout Unload, the stimulant-free pump pre-workout Unbent, and the fat burner Unlock. The other half are the capsule supplements, the premium muscle builder BYLD, the glucose disposal agent SLYN, and the testosterone booster Sauce.

You can see the formulas powering each of those products on the Unbound website, which again, is one of the big reasons it won our Newcomer Of The Year Award. The comprehensiveness of the line is another major factor for us, as it’s not often you get a spread of categories like Unbound has from a newcomer, giving you the ability to craft your own weight loss or muscle building stack all within brand.

Unbound also stood out with its discrete, stylish, and edgy marketing, almost guaranteeing it made an impression, and with its teaser campaign, it did so before it even arrived. We definitely look forward to seeing Unbound grow from here, especially any new supplements it has up its sleeve, as its advanced approach will be competitive in any category it tackles.