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Unbound is releasing a capsule version of Unlock with all of the same key ingredients

Unbound Unlock Capsules

Since its debut, Unbound has not added any new supplements to its lineup, although to be fair, the first six it came out with gave it a comprehensive selection right out of the gate anyway. Within the next week or so, the advanced brand is releasing the seventh product, although it’s technically an alternative version to one that’s already available.

Unbound has announced it has put together a capsule option of its stimulant-powered fat burner Unlock, which features all of the same ingredients as the original. Everything that’s in the flavored Unlock is in this one, with all of the two scoop dosages being the same as well, except for the acetyl-l-carnitine sitting at one gram per full serving instead of 2g.

Unbound Unlock Capsules Label

An interesting part about Unlock capsules is that Unbound has packed 30 servings into it, whereas Unlock powder has 20 two-scoop servings or 40 half servings. You essentially get more servings per bottle out of the upcoming supplement, with the only difference being the lower dose of acetyl-l-carnitine, and since it’s capsules, you could halve the serving like the powder for 60 servings.

We’re not sure about the price of Unbound’s capsule alternative of Unlock, although we assume it’ll be somewhere around the original, but again, with that 50% more full servings per bottle at 30. As mentioned, the product is launching within the next couple of weeks on Friday the 17th, which is the end of next week.