Classic flavor Cheese Onion comes to XXL’s protein-packed chip snack

Dec 8th, 2021
Xxl Nutrition Cheese Onion Protein Chips

Major European brand and retailer XXL Nutrition has a new flavor to close out the year for one of its many tasty, healthy, and high-protein snacks. The product getting the brand’s attention this time around is its crunchy and crispy Protein Chips, originally released in two traditional chip flavors with BBQ and Paprika, both with a solid 22g of protein in a 50g bag.

Joining XXL Nutrition’s first two tastes of Protein Chips is another common chip flavor in Cheese Onion, also providing a strong 22g of protein per bag, with soy being the product’s primary source of protein. The other macros making up the nutrition profile of the new Cheese Onion flavor are 7.2g of carbohydrates, under a gram of fat and sugar, and 180 calories.

As always, the best place to purchase the latest from XXL Nutrition is its own online store at, where you can only get Protein Chips in single bags at a reasonable €1.89 (2.13 USD).