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AllMax simplifies its test booster TestoFX and prices it at just $14.99 a bottle

Allmax Nutrition Testofx Sport

Legacy supplement company AllMax Nutrition has rolled out an all-new testosterone booster which is actually a spin-off of its premier competitor in the category, TestoFX. The product is TestoFX Sport, and like many other “Sport” named spin-offs out there, such as C4 Sport and Pre-Kaged Sport, it is a simpler, more cost-effective alternative to the original.

AllMax Nutrition’s TestoFX Sport has four key features making up its formula, all combining to boost testosterone and support muscle strength and size. Most of those ingredients are from the regular TestoFX, including 40mg less of TRIBX90 branded tribulus at 200mg, and 100mg of fenugreek, versus the original’s half a gram of premium TestoSurge fenugreek.

Allmax Nutrition Testofx Sport Label

The other ingredients AllMax Nutrition has brought together for TestoFX Sport are 5mg of boron, and the classic ZMA blend of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The simpler testosterone booster is available now direct from the brand, and as mentioned, it comes with a lighter price tag of only $14.99, whereas TestoFX is $39.99, and you get just 20 servings in the Sport spin-off.