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ATP combines all nine EAAs, glutamine and hydroxyproline in its new Zeus Juice

Atp Science Zeus Juice

Australian brand ATP Science has almost always entered unique and creative categories; even with its competitors in more common areas, it’s taken intriguing approaches. To start the New Year, the brand has released a fairly typical entry for the popular amino category with a formula featuring a full-spectrum of EAAs named Zeus Juice.

ATP Science’s Zeus Juice comes with an 8.7g blend of aminos per serving, although not all of that 8.7g is EAAs. The non-transparent blend is made up of all nine EAAs, glutamine, and hydroxyproline for collagen support. The brand has said of that 8.7g, 7g are BCAAs, meaning the other six EAAs, glutamine, and hydroxyproline, combine for 1.7g.

Zeus Juice does have a little more than the usual 30 servings per tub at 45, so there is room to have a double serving, taking you to 14g of BCAAs and 17.4g of aminos, but, of course, halving the servings to 22 or 23. Either way, you can grab ATP Science’s all-new amino from its website at $59.95 (42.89USD) a tub in three flavors, including Hawaiian Crush.