Seasonal Blizzard returns for a second time with a matching shaker and hoodie

Blizzard Third Edition Sneak

Around this time two years ago, the UK gaming brand Sneak did something extremely unique, and that was freeze the newest flavor of its signature supplement in a 60kg ice sculpture. The plan was when the ice all melted away; the brand would naturally reveal what the flavor was. Sneak decided the process was taking too long, so it took a flamethrower to it and forced the unveiling.

The flavor we’re talking about is Sneak’s Blizzard, which was initially only available for a limited time. The brand did bring it back in January of last year, and to keep the theme going, Blizzard is making a return in early 2022. Sneak is relaunching the flavor for another limited run featuring a slightly different label design, alongside a matching shaker and hoodie, and potentially some other items.

Sneak has not confirmed an actual launch date for when the third edition of Blizzard will be available for purchase through its website, although it’s certainly worth keeping an eye out for that. Once again, the returning product is a limited edition launch, and with the popularity of the brand, we wouldn’t be surprised if this one sells out fast.

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