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Bucked Up adds one new flavor each to its amino and three pre-workouts

Bucked Up Strawberry Watermelon Pre Workouts

Bucked Up is back this week with news of not one or two, or even three, but four new flavors, one each for four separate supplements that are already out and available on the market. The majority of the flavors are for the brand’s vast selection of pre-workout products, including its self-titled Bucked Up, Woke AF, and Bucked Up’s higher stimulant competitor, BAMF.

The new flavors for Bucked Up’s pre-workouts, Bucked Up, Woke AF, and BAMF, are actually all the same with the two-part fruity recipe, Strawberry Watermelon. The fourth product from the brand is a flavor extension for its BCAA-based amino Original BCAA in Blue Pineapple, with all of those new options now available through the Bucked Up online store.