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Ever-expanding Bulk gets into the cream of rice game with three different sizes

Bulk Cream Of Rice

The number of sports nutrition brands with cream of rice supplements in their lineup is drastically higher than a year ago, with many companies coming out with something in that area. Almost all of those cream of rice products have come from the UK and Europe, and that is where the entry we have for you today is from with Bulk and its simply named Cream Of Rice.

Bulk’s Cream Of Rice is as straightforward as it comes with only white rice flour and flavoring ingredients with 37g of carbohydrates in a 50g serving, under a gram of fat, 4.7g of protein, and 176 calories. Those macros are for the supplement’s Chocolate flavor, with only two others on the menu in a second traditional taste with Vanilla and a slightly more creative Cinnamon.

Bulk has produced its Cream Of Rice in three different sizes, starting at a small half a kilogram bag at £6.99 through the brand’s online store, then a double size 1kg at £12.99, and finally the most cost-effective option, a hefty 2.5kg at £24.99 (33.56 USD).

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