Bulk adds BioPerine and switches to stevia in its revamped EAA supplement

Bulk New And Improved Eaa

Japanese supplement company Bulk has a new and improved version of its amino formula launching today. The updated product carries the same straightforward name in Bulk EAA, and as far as we know, it still features the same balance of EAAs as the original. That includes a combined 6g of eight of the nine EAAs, with the three all-important BCAAs being the higher dosed ingredients of the supplement.

The changes Bulk has made to EAA are all outside of the aminos, starting with the fact the product now uses the natural sweetener stevia. The brand has also incorporated granulation into its manufacturing process, making it easier to mix the supplement, and lastly, it has added a premium branded ingredient. That ingredient is BioPerine black pepper, included to help improve and enhance absorption of the aminos.

Bulk’s revamped EAA is launching today through its online store in two sizes, a 200g tub and a much larger 1kg bag, in a convenient unflavored option and one actual flavor with Apple Lemon.

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