Kiwi Lime energy drink kicks off the New Year for Celsius fans in Sweden

Jan 8th, 2022
Celsius Sweden Kiwi Lime

In Sweden, the functional beverage brand Celsius has a different selection of products, especially on the flavor side; in fact, Swedish fans get a lot more creative and unique options. For its flagship energy drink, Celsius in Sweden has dropped intriguing creations like Positive Energy, Tropical Twist, City Pulse, and its annual limited time, Winter Editions.

For the start of 2022, that Swedish arm of Celsius has dropped another flavor for its signature beverage, and it is only available for a limited time. The newest addition to the brand’s catalog is a two-part recipe with a sweet, refreshing, citrusy Kiwi Lime, featuring all of the product’s usual ingredients, including vitamins, no sugar, and 200mg of caffeine.

The Kiwi Lime Celsius energy drink is already out and available in several stockists across Sweden, such as the reputable retailer Proteinbolaget, which has cases of 24 cans at 399 kr (43.94 USD), which works out to 16.62 kr (1.83 USD) each.

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