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Chaos and Pain’s latest Chemical Series supplement focuses on organ health

Chaos And Pain Chemical Od

Until this week, all of Chaos and Pain’s Chemical-named supplements have been about improving, enhancing, and supporting muscle building. Over the years, the hardcore brand has dropped Chemical X, Chemical One, Chemical Four, Chemical E, Chemical F, and Chemical T, and now there is Chemical OD, although it is not the same as any of those others.

Chaos and Pain’s Chemical OD is the first Chemical-named product to focus on something outside of muscle building, with a more health and wellness style approach. Chemical OD is an organ support supplement, including reliable ingredients and dosages to help with liver, kidney, and prostate health, all wrapped up in a sizeable six capsule serving size.

Chaos And Pain Chemical Od Label

You can see the full facts panel for Chemical OD in the image above, featuring several key ingredients, such as n-acetyl-cysteine, more simply known as NAC, at a solid gram per serving. Milk thistle is in the mix as well at 600mg, glutathione at 30mg, garlic extract at 300mg, 400mg of alpha-lipoic acid, and 25mg of coQ10.

As mentioned, the aim of Chaos and Pain’s latest Chemical product is to improve overall health, specifically organ health, and it’s doing that with an extensive list of reliable ingredients and dosages. The price of Chemical OD is $54.99 for a bottle of 30 servings, and currently, if you purchase it from the brand’s website, you’ll get a free L-Carnitine Rapid Heat.