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Nutrabio continues to give back to its hit hybrid amino with a Peach Tea flavor

Nutrabio Peach Tea Alpha Eaa

Alpha EAA is one of Nutrabio’s more popular and truly unique supplements that brings together two categories into one formula with a focus-enhancing amino. It’s not often hybrid products like Alpha EAA deliver solid dosages on both sides, but that is the case in this one. It packs a combined 8g of all nine EAAs for recovery and 600mg of alpha-GPC, choline bitartrate, and huperzine A to support mental focus.

Since introducing Alpha EAA, Nutrabio has been consistently adding to the menu of the two category supplement where it now has a lot more than its original pair of Cherry Lime Slush and Dragonfruit Candy. This week the reputable brand is back with another flavor extension for Alpha EAA, introducing flavor number seven with a refreshing Peach Tea, already available directly through the brand’s website at $39.99 a tub.

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