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Fans of GAAM can now get their peanut butter from their favorite supplement brand

Gaam Nutrition Peanut Butter

Swedish retailer Proteinbolaget has added a relatively common functional product to its house brand GAAM Nutrition this month, something you’ll find from many different functional companies in Europe. The latest from GAAM is a clean and nutritious peanut butter, without any additional features or ingredients; the product is made exclusively with peanuts.

With peanuts as its only ingredient, GAAM Nutrition’s peanut butter has a typical nutrition profile with a 30g serving packing 2.64g of protein, 15.6g of fat, and 2.37g of carbohydrates, for a total of 184 calories. The product comes in one of the two traditional formats with smooth, not crunchy, and is available from Proteinbolaget at just 39 kr (4.24 USD) for a 350g jar.