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Gaspari previews a test boosting spin-off of its long-running multivitamin

Gaspari Anavite Xtreme Test

Anavite is Gaspari Nutrition’s comprehensive multivitamin that’s been around for an incredibly long amount of time; in fact, it’s been in the Gaspari lineup since we’ve been sharing news on the legacy brand. The health and wellness supplement has seen several changes in branding and formula over the years, and very soon, it is getting its first spin-off.

Gaspari Nutrition has shared a sneak peek at the upcoming Anavite XT or Anavite Xtreme Test, which at its core, is still a multivitamin product like the original. What separates the Xtreme Test version from the regular Anavite is on top of its variety of vitamins and minerals; it also has ingredients to support muscle growth and natural testosterone levels.

We don’t know what the formula behind Gaspari Nutrition’s Anavite XT looks like, although its serving size is the same as Anavite’s at three tablets. We’re definitely interested to see what the brand does to justify that Xtreme Test naming, and while Gaspari hasn’t set a date for its arrival, it doesn’t usually spend to much time between reveal and release.