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Glaxon infuses Super Greens with patented Immuse to further support immune health

Glaxon Super Greens Enhanced Immune Edition

Glaxon’s superfood supplement Super Greens has a little more than a tasty new flavor coming soon; it also has a special edition spin-off version. The all-new Super Greens Enhanced Immune Edition is expected to launch within the next month or two, featuring all of the same great ingredients, dosages, and benefits as the original with one key premium addition.

For the Enhanced Immune Edition of Super Greens, Glaxon has added a unique and patented paraprobiotic with 50mg of Immuse lactococus lactis. Immuse is from the reputable ingredient company Kyowa and is included to further support and strengthen your immune system as the name of the product suggests.

As far as we know, Glaxon’s Super Greens Enhanced Immune Edition will be the first brand to ever use Kyowa’s premium and clinically research-backed Immuse, and again, it is on top of everything that you get in the regular Super Greens. It’ll be available in a Blueberry Acai flavor, which we have to imagine will continue the strong taste reputation of the superfood supplement.